Washington D.C. partner Eduardo Guzman was quoted in a Bloomberg BNA article titled, “Connected Cuba Is Pipedream for U.S. Telecoms.” This article discusses how the normalization of U.S. relations with Cuba has sparked interest among tech and telecommunications companies who seek to break into Cuba’s new telecommunications market.

For U.S. industries trying to access the Cuban market to increase bilateral trade and business deals, internet connectivity and strong networks are an essential component to open the door for the U.S. However, Cuba continues to keep a tight grip on its communications infrastructure, making the investment in a modern telecom network a pipedream.

Eduardo spoke to the importance of the U.S. understanding Cuba’s interests when pursuing the telecom market. “The telecom sector and the use of spectrum is considered by every sovereign state to be a very important national interest. We need to understand that Cuba has its own interests and visions as to what a telecom policy should be.”

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Source: Bloomberg BNA
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