Philadelphia partner Larry Fox was noted in a Philadelphia Inquirer article titled, “Probe of McCaffery and Wife Expands to Law Firms.” 

The article discusses the on-going federal investigation of state Supreme Court Justice Seamus P. McCaffery and the subpoenas recently served on numerous law firms that seek detailed information about referral fees paid to McCaffery’s wife, Lise Rapaport, as well as information about campaign donations to McCaffery himself.

Authorities appear to be investigating how Rapaport found the clients she brought to the eight firms.  Lawyers who refer clients to other lawyers are paid a share of any settlement or award, however, financial-disclosure forms don't require judges to list the amounts paid for referrals.  Only one fee has been made public which was in the amount of $821,000.  Public records also show the eight firms and their lawyers have given McCaffery a total of about $50,000 in campaign donations since 2003, the year he first ran for the appeals bench. 

The article notes Larry’s interview with The Inquirer earlier this year, when he said that Rapaport's dual roles, making referrals while serving as a state judicial aide, raised significant ethical questions.

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