CFO Alliance Founder and CEO Nick Araco was quoted in a Region’s Business article titled, “Cover Story: Sowing the Seeds for the New Workforce.”

Taking into consideration the current landscape of the economy, it’s fair to say that the ability to identify economic growth areas and the savvy to recognize and refine specific skill sets that will match your employer’s needs are valuable in today’s job market.

Nick, who also serves as the Director of Growth Strategies for Drinker said, “Without a doubt, identifying, acquiring and keeping top notch employees is one of the critical areas that business leaders need to and do consider when positioning their companies for strategic growth, especially in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace.”

Nick bases his assumption in part on responses from a recent Sentiment Study conducted via the CFO Alliance, a global network of more than 4,500 chief financial officers, vice presidents and other top level executives. 

Nick continued, “I found myself on the receiving end of unsolicited inquiries from fellow CFO colleagues and friends who were in need of help on any number of issues and challenges they were facing. More often than not, I would often network them with each other, so it became abundantly clear that open discussions and the exchange of ideas among peers had real value at many levels, hence the beginning of the CFO Alliance in 2008.”

Ultimately, Nick said it’s all about staying focused on alignment, transparency, understanding and adapting to change.