Washington D.C., partner Mike Remington and the firm were thanked at the close of each installment of a four-part video interview featured on the Supreme Court of the United States official Blog (SCOTUSBlog).

SCOTUSBlog conducted a four-part interview with New York Times Supreme Court correspondent Adam Liptak, which was filmed in the elegant library of the firm’s Washington, D.C., office on Dec. 18, 2012. The revealing and informative interview has generated much discourse online among Supreme Court commentators.

SCOTUSBlog, now in its eleventh year, is consistently rated as one of the top legal and political blogs on the web. The site is often the first to break news of Supreme Court opinions and actions and has a huge following, boasting more than 8,000 page views a day and more than 60,000 followers on Twitter.

In part one, which has, so far, received more than 500 views on YouTube, Adam described his interesting and unconventional career trajectory from copy boy to law student to lawyer and, eventually, legal reporter. In part two, he discussed the Supreme Court’s decision on health care reform as the “central event” of 2012 as well as the challenge of writing about such complex legal issues for a non-lawyer audience.

In part three, Adam talked about his access to the Supreme Court justices and said a good-quality brief is the most valuable resource for Supreme Court reporting. He explained why oral argument is valuable for understanding the judges’ thought processes and also indicating where the case may be heading. He also emphasized that while the judges do not like to be described in political terms, sometimes “liberal” and “conservative” labels cannot be avoided in reporting cases. In part four, Adam discussed the confirmation process, the court’s role in the constitutional structure, the limitations posed by press conventions, the court’s consideration of same-sex marriage and the jurisprudential interest driving the court.

The videos were produced by Fabrizio di Piazza, the founding editor of GOVERNINGWorks, who writes and produces documentary films about understanding political ideals in practice. Mike taught Fabri at The Catholic University of America and they now serve on a board together.

This series is not the first high-profile interview Fabri has produced in conjunction with the firm. In November 2010, Fabri interviewed Seth Stern & Stephen Wermiel, authors of the much-lauded biography of Justice William Brennan. That interview was also conducted in the library of the Washington, D.C., office and the firm was acknowledged for its help. Click here to view.

Also, in July 2012, Fabri conducted a five-part vide interview with writer and law professor Frank Partnoy in the firm’s New York City office. Click here to view.

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