Please join us for the 22nd Inside the Beltway presentation, scheduled for October 12, 2017. This is the next session in our ongoing series of free audiocasts discussing developments in Washington that directly impact our industry.

During this session of Inside the Beltway, Fred Reish, Brad Campbell, Sandy Grannum and Jim Lundy will discuss:

  • The likelihood of a final rule extending the applicability date of the most important fiduciary exemptions to July 1, 2019.
  • What’s next with the DOL and SEC for revising the fiduciary rule and the exemptions?
  • The current focus of SEC examinations under the ReTIRE Initiative.
  • The likely fiduciary claims against broker-dealers in FINRA arbitrations.

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Date: Thursday, October 12, 2017
Noon – 1:00 p.m. (ET)/9:00 – 10:00 a.m. (PT)
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Inside the Beltway Audiocast Recordings:

To listen to Fred and Brad's Inside the Beltway audiocast series, please click on a recording below:

  1. Beltway – August 16, 2012
    What to do with DOL's controversial guidance on brokerage accounts in 401(k) plans

    Final preparations for participant disclosure

    Review of DOL's anticipated 408(b)(2) supplemental guidance

    The future of DOL's fiduciary advice regulation

  2. Beltway – November 15, 2012
    Post-election insights
    Assessing the impact of the Presidential and Congressional elections on retirement plans and service providers

  3. Beltway – February 26, 2013
    DOL’s regulatory agenda and its impact on retirement plans and service providers
    Latest on the tax reform debate and its treatment of retirement plans
    Fiscal cliff change regarding the in-plan Roth conversion

  4. Beltway – May 21, 2013
    The President's budget, and how it addresses the DOL staff levels, the IRS Individual Retirement Account (IRA) enforcement, and the proposal to cap IRA benefits at $3 million
    Perez nomination and how the fiduciary rule timing might be affected
    Lifetime Income PRE rule
    GAO report on IRA rollovers
    DOL's expansive definition of compensation and the ING settlement
    DOL's focus on abandoned plans
    Leimkuehler and Santomenno cases

  5. Beltway – September 12, 2013
    Status of the fiduciary advice proposal
    Focus on distributions and rollovers
    DOL proposed guide on 408(b)(2) summary requirements
    DOL's focus on abandoned plans
    DOL's expansive definition of compensation and the ING settlement 
    Comments received to the DOL proposed lifetime income projections
    Lessons from recent court decisions

  6. Beltway – December 5, 2013
    End of the year review of what happened, and what it means
    Budget negotiations and impact on plans
    DOL proposal for 408(b)(2) guide
    DOL Target date fund disclosure final regulation
    Update on the fiduciary advice proposal
    Update on projections of retirement income
    The latest developments in retirement plan litigation
    Other recent developments 

  7. Beltway – March 20, 2014
    FINRA guidance on distributions and rollovers
    What the President’s new budget proposal tells us about DOL Investigations, IRS audits and agency enforcement priorities
    DOL’s proposed 408b-2 summary disclosure requirements;
    The President’s retirement proposals in the new budget
    Changes in the likely publication dates on the TDF disclosure rule, brokerage window RFI, and other pending regulations
    The Sixth Circuit decision on lawyers' advice
    Big picture policy discussion: Why are critics calling the 401(k) plan a benefit for the wealthy?

  8. Beltway – June 5, 2014
    The ING settlement
    Recently released GAO report on tax incentives for plans
    The risks comprehensive tax reform pose
    Status of DOL RFI regulation on brokerage windows
    How IRS rev ruling 2014-9 simplifies rollover processes
    Pending regulation amendments on TDFs for QDIA and 404a-5 disclosures and the anticipated consequences; and 
    DOL Investigations of Fiduciary Service Providers
    Guest speaker Ted Becker spoke about a recent ESOP case he settled with the DOL

  9. Beltway – September 18, 2014
    What the mid-term election could mean for retirement plans
    The case of Fifth Third Bancorp v. Dudenhoffer
    What anticipated SEC and DOL guidance on TDFs can mean
    The increased focus on IRA rollovers—why and where are we going?
    Service providers as 3(16) administrator fiduciaries, and recent litigation on the meaning of 3(16)
    Proprietary funds in plans and recent litigation

  10. Beltway – December 4, 2014
    The implication of the election results on legislation and administrative guidance
    The Supreme Court’s acceptance of the case of Tibble v. Edison International
    The guidance issued on guaranteed benefits and target date funds by Treasury and the DOL
    Money market fund rules
    The GAO Report on managed accounts
    Proprietary funds in plans and recent litigation

  11. Beltway – March 31, 2015
    The White House budget proposals related to retirement plans, including the proposal regarding state-sponsored retirement plans for individuals
    The Supreme Court’s acceptance of Tibble v. Edison International
    The focus on share classes and revenue sharing
    The White House memo on the fiduciary proposal

  12. Beltway – June 16, 2015
    An overview of the fiduciary proposal  
    What the proposal means for registered investment advisers
    What the proposal means for broker-dealers
    How the proposal impacts distributions and rollovers
    Where the proposal will have the greatest impact

  13. Beltway – September 10, 2015
    An update on the fiduciary proposal: comment letters and possible changes
    DOL guidance on lifetime retirement income and income projections
    The President’s directive to the DOL about state-sponsored plans

  14. Beltway – December 10, 2015
    Update on the DOL's fiduciary proposal, including the fiduciary definition, and the 84-24 and BIC exemptions
    The Administration's rollout of myIRA
    The DOL's guidance on ETIs (economically targeted investments)
    The Intel lawsuit and custom target date funds
    Aftermath of the Tibble decision

  15. Beltway – March 10, 2016
    Update on the DOL’s fiduciary proposal, including the fiduciary definition, and the 84-24 and BIC exemptions
    How broker-dealers are adapting to the anticipated final rule
    Impact of final rule on plan distributions and rollovers
    SEC’s examinations of retirement issues

  16. Beltway – April 28, 2016
    DOL’s final fiduciary regulation and the 84-24 and BIC exemptions and their impact on advice to plans and IRAs, including recommendations to take distributions from plans or IRAs

  17. Beltway – July 28, 2016
    DOL’s final fiduciary regulation and the 84-24 and BIC exemptions

    Compliance with the best interest standard of care and  with the conditions of the exemptions, certain products and practices

  18. Beltway – October 13, 2016
    Litigation against the fiduciary rule
    Challenges in capturing rollovers
    The DOL process for financial institutions for fixed indexed annuities
    Lessons learned from advising clients about compliance with the fiduciary rule and the exemptions

  19. Beltway – January 26, 2017
    Update on the fiduciary rule
    Update on the special Financial Institution status for IMOs and the sale of fixed indexed annuities
    Impact of the Congressional proposals for retirement plans
    Impact on retirement plans of other priorities of the Trump Administration

  20. Beltway – April 25, 2017
    Update on Secretary of Labor and DOL Appointees
    Update on the fiduciary rule
    Impact of the Congressional proposals for tax treatment of retirement plans
    Impact on retirement plans of other Trump administration priorities
    SEC ReTIRE Initiative

  21. Beltway – July 20, 2017
    The fiduciary regulation and the transition exemptions applied on June 9. Which recommendations are the most impacted?
    What’s next ... with the DOL? With the SEC?
    When will the transition end? On December 31, as scheduled, or later?
    What will be the most likely fiduciary breach claims under the transition rules?


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