Washington, D.C. partner Eduardo Guzman spoke at the Cuba Investment Forum 2016 – Evolving Business Opportunities in Tourism, Infrastructure, Telecom, Finance, and Energy on May 12.

Bringing together industry leaders, investors, government officials and C-level executives, the forum sought to inform participants of the current political conditions in Cuba, provide guidance for investors, and share best practices from successful foreign investors and exporters.

Eduardo’s panel, “Telecommunications Development,” provided an overview of the telecommunications infrastructure in Cuba. They also discussed connectivity gaps on the island, internet and broadband development, and private sector participation with Cuban government involvement. Eduardo was joined by three other panelists including: Darren Ware of Smart Cities Latin America, Harry Negron of IDT Telecom and Barry Pasternak of Cuba International Network LLC. Melissa Marchand of Global News Matters, served as moderator.

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Source: Cuba Investment Forum 2016