On November 5, New York associate Rob Esposito presented at New York University’s 12th Annual Social Entrepreneurship Conference. The conference, which is the largest academic conference on social entrepreneurship, aims to bring together scholars in social entrepreneurship to discuss emerging concepts and themes in social entrepreneurship research.

Rob and his co-presenter Shawn Pelsinger discussed the new tool they created, the Social Enterprise Law Tracker, which went live in May 2015. The Tracker is the first interactive educational and research tool that illustrates the spread of social enterprise law across the United States. The Tracker allows users to view the adoption of social enterprise laws over time, provides detailed information and a link to each statute or bill, and provides open datasets to the public free of charge. It combines an emerging body of law with data visualization and a user-friendly interface to democratize access to the law and facilitate academic research in this emerging field.

Source: 12th Annual NYU Social Entrepreneurship Conference