Chicago counsel Joan Koenig spoke at a CFO Alliance roundtable on October 15 at the Philadelphia Country Club.  The roundtable discussion, hosted by CFO Alliance, discussed the rise of ABEC, Inc., and how it transformed from a company in peril into a global expansion success story with $100 million in new sales. 

Gary Bender, CFO of ABEC, shared his story of how ABEC identified and integrated new relationships, talent and sales channels to drive their corporate growth.  Peter O’Neill, Executive Director of Pennsylvania’s Center for Trade Development helped facilitate the discussion along with John McLoughlin, a Principal in KPMG’s Trade and Customs Practice.

Topics included:

  • Managing export compliance risks and responsibilities, both contractual and regulatory;
  • New ways to find, retain, develop and deploy best in class talent;
  • How to identify your core target market and what segments offer the most attractive growth opportunities;
  • The best growth opportunities in complementary markets;
  • How to measure the strength and sustainability of your growth opportunities portfolio;
  • Determining if organic or external growth is right for you;
  • What the realities of the market are, and the generalities that apply across multiple industries; and
  • With whom and how to form partnerships.